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   Stephen G. Bozak, WB2IQU
  Steve Bozak, wb2iqu

  about me
    WB2IQU Steve Bozak @ 8 Timberwick Drive, Clifton Park NY 12065 Tel: 518-373-8069. Rig IC-760 and IC-7-6 in the car. IC- W2A, Antenna: Bozak Antenna, I have one of each! At least! My old call was HL9VX, My wfe's call is KB2BGA, I think, she never uses the rigs. If you have guessed already I am the owner of Bozak Antenna Company in Waterford NY. Maker of VHF and UHF antennas!

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I moved to the USA September 93. We lived in Korea from 1979. My kids only visited the USA during vacations so moving to the USA was like coming to the USA on a long vacation!
The kids love the schools here. They are so much easier than in Korea!


I enjoy going to hams fests. There I meet my friends from the Ham radio. It gives me somthing to do on the weekends and I earn a little money too!


Ham Radio! A great hobby! When I am traveling I get to meet local people and learn about the area too! Somtimes it even helps out when I need to call for help. Like in the snow storm of spring 97 when the cell phone didn't work!