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Here is where to find help in finding and making aplication to Boarding Schools

Introduction letter to those looking for a school or college

Study in the USA: Find out here how to come and study in the USA, High School and Colleges

How to prepare for the college interview: My notes on how to perpare to go to the college interview

BOZAK ANTENNA COMPANY: Maker of HF, VHF, UFH, GP Radio two way communication Antennas

BOZAK ANTENNA home page: Find here all information on BOZAK ANTENNA company

Here is how to Order your BOZAK ANTENNA:

Letter to those writing to Bozak Antenna: Info about the BOZAK ANTENNA

BOZAK Antenna Price list: Here are the current prices for our antennas

Here is the index of this site: pictures, family info, names addresses, ect.
About Steve Bozak: Some information about Steve Bozak
A picture of Steve Bozak:
Here is how to Order your BOZAK ANTENNA:
Temple Baptist Church, Clifton Park, New York: Temple Baptist Church, Clifton Park, New York
Steve Bozak at Korean Dinner in Seoul with Dr Lee: At the Intercontinantal Hotel in Seoul
Emma Bozak: Here is a picture of Emma Bozak, 100 Church Hill
Bozak family picture next to our car at Twin Lakes: We lived here when we first moved to the USA
Mr Bozak standing under the Clock in Korea: This was in our home in Seoul, Sunday morning.
Three Kim Girls, Ji Yoon, Min Young, MIn Kyung: At Mr Bozak House
Picture of Kang Min Lee: Walnut Hill School, now in Korea.
Stephanie and Dad all dressed up for dinner: In Korea at the Hotel, school party for the girls
Our Dog Fluffy: She came to us in Sept 98 when mom wasn't home.
Fluffy and Steven: Two best pals.
Here is a piture of Ahn, Sung Duk: He goes to Hoosac school and camr to stay with us for a long weekend.
Stephanie Bozak: Picture of Stephanie Bozak
Steve Bozak: Not real
Steve Bozak:
Steve Bozak: Steve Bozak
Rev Duke Temple Baptist Church: Rev. Duke Temple Baptist Church

Stephen G. Bozak

8 Timberwick Drive, Clifton Park, NY 12065, T: 518-373-8069, F: 518-373-0701

8 Timberwick Drive
Clifton Park, NY 12065
United States