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Advising families with troubled kids

Finding the best schools for your child (email here)

Here are trained IECA experts who possess comprehensive knowledge of placement options for children with or without ADD, ADHD, ODD, and LD.

In times of crisis a barrage of emotions often overwhelms parents of a child with ADD, ADHD, ODD, or LD. The confusion and desperation associated with ADD, ADHD, ODD or LD can be extremely trying. How can you know what options are available? What will meet the need of your unique child?

Educational Consultants of children at risk with ADD, ADHD, ODD or LD help build a promising future for the child and the family.

Many consultants special in crisis intervention and have extensive experience advising families with children who have emotional and behavioral difficulties. This expertise is used to advise you on the most suitable placement for your child.

The consultant thoroughly interviews both the child and the family to determine individual needs and concerns.

In some cases, testing may be done to determine specific learning and behavioral patterns.

Programs are researched to find the best fit for your child. Not tied to any institution, consultants can concentrate on what is best for your child and provide you with objective options.

Educational consultants advise on all facets of your child's care. This professional and confidential intervention often brings long-awaited direction to troubled families.

You are welcome to call, fax or email this office for a counselor and find help in selecting a program suitable for you and your child.

Stephen G. Bozak MA CEP member of IECA, Psychometrist

Tel: 518-373-8069 ( 9am to 9 pm EST ) Fax 518-373-0701

8 Timberwick Drive
Clifton Park, NY 12065