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Boarding schools, ADD, ADHD, LD

National Boarding School Placement, Finding suitable placements for your child (for all kinds of schools, from New York to California and Canada) Tel: 518-373-8069

Find here how we can help you find the best school for your child, and quickly make applications for Boarding Schools, Middle schools, High schools, College, or University, Junior boarding school, military, PG, ESL ... Finding a school that fits your needs. We help totally! Also check this link for help!


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 First step: Fax me your transcript: F 518-373-0701, Stephen G. Bozak MA CEP IECA Ed Psych, email:

What we do:

 We find the Schools that best fits your needs! We go together to the school if needed.

 Making applications, we make all the contacts and make applications for you.

 Admission entrance exams, if tests are needed we work out the details so you have it

 Financial aid assistance, if necessary we will work out the details for assistance if needed

 Military schools are some time the best choice

 Religious schools, are some times the best choice

 Elementary and Middle schools and High schools, grades K-6, 7-9, 10-12, plus PG

 School for students with special needs, LD, ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD, other special needs

We provide consulting and information to fully assist students and families in selecting and gaining admission to an American or Canadian school, middle schools, high schools and colleges.

The best possible choice of schools will results in the best possible results as your child studies here and goes on to college.

Stephen G. Bozak and Associates, Member IECA, is a Certified Educational Planner, and as an Educational Consultant, consist of a net work of counselors tracking admissions of over 2000 schools in the USA and Canada. We have the current information on admissions, course offered, costs, admissions requirements, etc.

We will effectively advise the family and make application for you to the schools or colleges, effectively, and at a much lower price than it may be for you to do it yourself.

The choice of school is perhaps the most important decision of your life, affecting future education, jobs, and quality of life.

Together we can help you make a professional decision on the best school for your child

We are all here to help you, Call or fax today!

Stephen G. Bozak, MA, CEP. Ed Psych. Psychometrist,

Member IECA, Certified Educational Consultant, Or Call today 518-373-8069 F: 518-373-0701

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    Where we do it:

     All the USA and Canada, From east coast to west coast of the USA.

     Special needs, LD, ADD, ADHD, ESL, international students, I-20 Forms, Visas

     All grades, from k-12 and Colleges or Universities.

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    Contact Information

    Stephen G. Bozak, MA CEP Ed Psych, Psychometrist

    8 Timberwick Drive

    Clifton Park NY 12065

  • Email me here:
  • Tel: 518-373-8069

    Fax: 518-373-0701

    Web address:

    We look forward to helping you find a school and study successfully.


    Boarding School Visits, Check it out, Steve Bozak personally visits more boarding schools than anyone else!  Auldern Academy visit,       Rio Rapido visit,       Academy in the Sierras visit,      Aim House visit,     Bachman Academy visit ,     Forest Heights visit   New Horizons visit, Abundant Life 1, Abundant Life 2,  Anasazi, Boulder Creek, Cedar Mountain, CEDU, Copper Canyon, Cross Creek, Falcon Ridge, Fenster, Foxcroft, Integrate House, Lone Star, Milestone, New Creations,  Grand river, Hope Ranch, IECA, New Dominion, New Haven, NW Passages, Still Water, Summit, Star Meadow, Northwest, PGA, Phoenix, Pipin Academy.  More boarding school visits added weekly!


    Stephen G. Bozak MA CEP 


    Call today 518-373-8069 9am to 9pm EST 

    Mon ~ Sat. email:


    Stephen G. Bozak

    8 Timberwick Drive

    Clifton Park, NY 12065

    Certified Educational Planner, Member of ICEA