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Stephanie Bozak

Thank you all for stopping by my page! I have been on since 9/17/96. ( tell me how to put a counter on this..)

From Seoul Korea 1983 to Clifton Park NY 1993. Here I am with my family and pet!

Hey, If you read this Email me!!! I am Stephanie

Email me here!

I go to the library every night from 6:30 to 8:30 to study with my father and brother, can you believe it? I should get all A's. See my brother's home page...

Steven, my dear brother, ha ha ha
Here is a link to my fathers Korean Home page

Born: July 22,1983

Dislikes: Of course, doing the dishes.

Likes: Animals, bike riding, playing outside!

Place of birth: Seoul Korea, (Bangbae-dong, Kaya Hospital) on a hot rainy day about 5:22 pm!

My school is Shenendahowa {Gowana}