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  • Schools wishing to issue I-20 forms to their international students can find information here.

    I-20, U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service. Petition instructions.

  • If your school needs assistants in issuing the I-20, please contact me at or call me at 518-373-8069, Fax me at 518-373-0701.We can make petition on your behalf, saving you time and money.

    If your school wishes to obtain this permission to issue the I-20, please call my office for assistants and fee information. We will make application for you, collect information for the Department of Justice and help you make petition to the US department of Justice with out the cost of a lawyer.

    The US Department of Justice requires a foreign national to obtain an I-20 and bring it to the US Embassy in their home Country so they may obtain a Student Visa.

    The school must meet certain requirements that we can help you meet, and have obtained permission from the US Department of Justice to issues the I-20 to applicants.

  • Stephen G. Bozak, MA CEP, Member IECA, 8 Timberwick Drive, Clifton Park, NY 12065

  • Tel: 518-373-8069, Fax: 518-373--0701, email:


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