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Stephen G. Bozak, Psychometrist

MA, CEP, Educational Psychology, Certified, Member IECA

8 Timberwick Drive, Clifton Park, NY 12065

T: 518-373-8069 F: 518-373-0701

Providing Korean English Intervention & Educational Planning


September 22, 1998

William La Belle

The Winchendon School

172-Ash Street

Winchendon, MA 01465

Dear William,

December 1st is the tentative date for our fifth Asian trip and tour for Headmasters, Admissions Officers, or Development Personnel. This year we will be visiting Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangkok, Dubai and others by appointment. (At a cost of $600 per country!) The purpose is threefold:

1. Provide a chance for the parents in their home country to meet together with a representative from their child's school. (Ask and answer questions, communicate back to the school)

2. All current parents and alumni to introduce new applicants to the school and to make application.

3. Provide an opportunity for the parents and alumni to make donations to the school's annual fund.

By visiting the parents in their own country the school shows the parents the deep concern and interest in the child and the family in the home country. At this meeting, the parents and the school representative can ask and answer questions parents may have. This will promote an understanding and a closer relationship between the school, the student and the parents.

Being available in the foreign country, new applicants can more easily come to meet the school's representative for an interview and application. In this way a better group of high level applicants may apply.

During the Parents Alumni reception at the local hotel, the families are asked to pledge or make a donation at that time.

Here is how your school can join in:

    1. Call or fax me and say you are interested. I answer any questions.
    2. Plan on sending your admissions officer or Development person.

3. Plan on going with me yourself.

    1. Just send me as your school's representative. ( $600.00 cost)

Every day in each country I will be meeting parents, alumni and applicants for different schools. Each evening I'll be hosting a reception for the parents and I'll be asking them for donations and giving a presentation about the school which is sponsoring the reception.

The schedule each day looks like this:

Lunch with a parent of school "A"

Morning and afternoon interviews for new students of school "A"'

7:30 p.m. Dinner reception for School "A". Presentation of letter from Headmaster about school plans and progress. Meal together, presentation of photographs of their children at said school.

Request for gifts to be given to the school.

Questions and answers about school "A" (a most important part)

I will then return with all notes and names of those who attended the reception.

Procedures for collecting donations:

  1. Local currency or US funds accepted. (I'll change to US currency)
  2. A receipt for the funds is given immediately to the donor. Then upon return to the school, the school again gives receipt of the gift to the donor to avoid mistakes.

3. Pledge card given and then collected and returned to school.

Prelude to my visit to Seoul:

  1. A letter sent from the school (sample available) to the parents in each country saying a representative (Steve Bozak) (and you) will be arriving to meet with parents, new students and answer questions, and ask for gifts for their child's school. (mailed 20days before meeting)
  2. 8 days before my visit, another letter (sample available) is sent reminding them of the time and place of the reception and the purpose of the meeting. Included in both letters is my contact office number where they can call in each country if they have any questions.
  3. Upon my arrival I will call each of the families and promote and confirm the reception/ fund raising dinner. (I usually find a helpful parent to help organize the other parents.}

If you are interested in this promotion of your school and fund raising please give me a call or fax to work out the details and costs. This will be a most effective way to promote your school and raise funds from International families.

A contract will be sent to you if you wish to participate.

I'll look forward to your call.


Sincerely yours,

Steve Bozak

Steve Bozak

Supplement to the letter: Contract, Sample letters, Pledge card, Applicant interview form, Parents feed back form, Detailed dates and hotels.

Steve Bozak at Parents dinner reception.