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100 Church Hill, Waterford N.Y. 12188

Tel: 001-1-518-373-8069, Fax: 001-1-518-373-0701,


Dear friend,

Thanks for your interest in BOZAK ANTENNA. We have a real excellent line of VHF and UHF ground plain antennas. They are 3 dB or 6 dB models. Models are for 146, 222, or 446 Mhz. The 3 dB sells for 54.60. The 6 dB sells for $86.00. $5.00 Shipping and Handling from here.

Driven Element length: 146 Mhz 3 dB= 53 inches

146 Mhz 6 dB= 8ft. 6in.

52 Mhz 3 dB= --- $86.00 plus $5.00 S&S

88~108 Mhz 3 dB= FM broadcast $86 plus $5

222 Mhz 3 dB= 41 1/2 in

222 Mhz 6 dB= 75 1/2 in

446 Mhz 3 dB= 21.5 inch

446 Mhz 6 dB= 41 inch

200 watt dissipation, weather proof, Fiberglas enclosed, all stainless steel hard ward, mounting hardware enclosed. The SWR comes factory tuned. Just add your cable to the pl-259 on the antenna and your ready! (We can make it with an N connector on most models if you wish.)

I hope I can help you in your antenna needs. Just send me your check or money order with a note telling me the model you want. I'll be looking forward to helping you. Call if you have any questions!

Sincerely yours,

Steve Bozak

Steve Bozak


BOZAK ANTENNA Co. Telecommunication Antenna Specialist since 1971